Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Underground Sewage Treatment Plant

Shubhamindia is One of the best Manufacturer and Supplier Of Sewage Treatment Plant in India, Gujarat, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat and Mumbai. We are also provide Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) in terms of Package, Conventional Sewage Treatment Plant, Prefebricated Sewage Treatment Plant and Underground Sewage Treatment Plant form.

Underground Sewage Treatment Plant

Our range of this Underground Sewage Treatment Plant is fabricated from stainless steel, FRP or any other raw materials as per the needs of the clients. They can be used in hotels, hospitals, resorts and many other commercial sectors for the treatment of sewage water. Our underground sewage treatment plant require low maintenance and are known for providing harmless water after the treatment process. Installation services are offered by our organization.
Underground STP

These underground sewage treatment plant are available in varied designs and require low maintenance. Our underground sewage treatment plant is corrosion resistance, heat resistant and performs extremely well to provide fresh water to the consumer. This underground sewage treatment plant are effective in treating sewage water and offer harmless, antimicrobial water that can be used for varied purpose. We offer the consultancy services to fetch the requirements of the clients and also engaged in the installation of this underground sewage treatment plant which is used for the purification of undergrounds water. As raw water cannot be used before treatments, so this underground sewage treatment plant plays a very important role in offering fresh water to the consumer.

Domestic waste water management system of any city consists of collection. Treatment and disposal in conventional centralized sewage treatment system, about 80% of the cost is accounted for the collection. The cost of collection of sewage and its conveyance to the terminal point in the large cities is very high. Further, the depth of sewer goes on increasing with the increase of length of sewer line and pumping of the sewage at the intermediate and terminal points requires a lot of energy.

Underground Sewage Treatment Plant

Shubham underground sewage treatment plant is ideal for small communities; apartment and condominium complexes where space is limited and aesthetics are a top concern. The underground sewage treatment plant arrives to the site fully assembled and ready for direct burial. All equipment and components are contained in the operator access hatch and completely out of view.
Underground STP


Pre treatment also typically includes a sand or grit channel or chamber where the velocity of the incoming wastewater is carefully controlled to allow sand grit and stones to settle, while keeping the majority of the suspended organic material in the water column. Sand, grit, and stones need to be removed early in the process to avoid damage to pumps and other equipment in the remaining treatment stages.

• enhanced activated sludge process

• Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) solids separation

• All Stainless Steel construction Fully assembled

• Integrated Control System

• Optional traffic rated access hatche.

We are renowned as one of the dependable Sewage Water Treatment Plants Manufacturers in India. Catering to the needs of apartments, colonies etc. we have also acquired distinguished position amidst the trusted Sewage Treatment Plant Exporters. The Sewage Treatment Plants are ideally designed for gardening to grow rich & healthy green-field for excellent & health environmental to live with. Moreover, customers are eased with the availability of the Industrial Sewage Treatment Plants based on MBBR, Conventional Sewage Treatment Plant, Package Sewage Treatment Plant, Prefabricated Sewage Treatment Plant, Underground Sewage Treatment Plant, MBBR and other Advanced Techniques with Sludge Handling System.

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